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Francois & Lydia’s wordschools in various African countries, Aug-Sep 2011

Our dear precious family

We are safely back home and have unpacked our suitcases and now have time to think about all the wonderful friends and family we have in beautiful Africa. It was an amazing trip for us and we are so excited thinking about the impact of this wonderful message that God has entrusted us with! It truly belongs to the whole world. Thank you for allowing us to connect with you in God′s strategy for the nations. We would not have been able to do this work if it had not been for your precious cooperation. I know that we know so little of what you have done, all the organising, planning and getting everything together was a lot of work. All the work on the field as well as our precious Dawie at home to help with planning and admin – thank you.

Thank you so very much.Blantyre – Ichnatius and Margaret Kaphera; Lawrence Chitedza; Augustine and Jemaima Banda; Charles Burton, Jimmy and Priscilla Chimpinda, Felix Gama and and all the dear ladies helping with the catering.Harare – Peter and Tsitsi Kenetsa and the dear family and staff of the orphanage; Ronald Chiduko; Juliet Kondowe; Shelton and Rudo Muduyaro.Kariba – Schame Nyamoseka and Peter Kenetsa and Schame′s church helpers who organized the use of the Baptist church for our venue and the family that did all our catering Thank You!Livingstone – John Chingwali; Michael and Carol Kondowe; Pastor Kankinza who had given us his church to use for free. Shepherd and Nephtali, Heiko Held –for accommodating us in your warm hospitality and friendship and the use of his vehicle. Thank you all! Thank you for all the students and pastors that had travelled so far to come to the meetings. The dear Mozambique folk coming by bus from 3 different areas and the precious pastors and their wives walking between 8 and 10 hours to join us to sleep on the ground in the tent and then walk all the way home again! (Almost 20 hours walking) – we are so looking forward to having you here in November to spoil you.Our friends that travelled all the way from Mzuzu to Blantyre – more than 1 000 km!The others that travelled from Lusaka to Livingstone and also from Mahalapye to Livingstone, dear Sheppy had problems with his car and they had to sleep the night in their vehicle. His message was – what lies behind us and before us are small matters compared to what lies within us!

In Blantyre we ministered mainly at the tent venue that was prepared in a beautiful Assemblies of God Guest House and camping site. It was lovely because we also lived on the same facility. This was a blessing because during this time there was an incredibly fuel shortage and motorcars would stand in queues for hours to get fuel.I also enjoyed helping with the cooking – and there was enough for everyone.The ministry was such a powerful impartation and we know that the harvest will not disappoint! Ichnatius, Francois reminded me to ask you to please make sure that the brothers who walked so far also get copies of the teachings. From Blantyre we had a flight to Harare (we thought….) what was supposed to be a hour and a half turned we had to spend 6 hours in the aeroplane and only landed in Harare at 3 the afternoon. As we were boarding the plane we were informed that this plane is going via Lilongwe and Johannesburg to Harare! They wanted to inform us but couldn′t get hold of us! This gave me time to think some more stories and Francois to do translation work.

I so enjoyed our first night of ministry in Harare, out in the open under the stars – smiling, faces and a beautiful Gospel. The teachings were then continued in a Anglican church to church leaders and pastors. On Sunday we did the first service in John and Juliet Kondowe′s church then in Peter Kenetsa′s church – oh my what a delightful experience, the music and dancing and the message that seems so rooted in the people! – that building is going to be too small soon Peter, mark my words!

We also stopped over for tea at a lovely family whom Francois had met on a previous visit. Wilson had helped them in the middle of the night when they had a breakdown, fed them a feats at 2 in the morning and then told of his dear wife who had cancer and had to be taken to Pretoria every month for treatment. We were so blessed and encouraged to hear that it is four years now since our visit and prayer with her that she is free from cancer!

We concluded our meetings on Monday in Harare and were again so encouraged by the impact of the mirror message!Tuesday morning we left in Peter Kanetse′s 2 ton truck for Kariba. It felt like we were on safari with Elvia and Peter in front Francois and myself stretched out in the back with some of the super Harare popcorn, peanuts grilled from the fire and our binoculars that I always take with into Africa. It had a canvas canopy with the rear canvass rolled up, leaving us with a lovely view as we drive the 6 hour trip. Every now and then Peter would stop to show us some elephant, or zebra or once a ground hornbill – it was really an amazing experience, a bit bumpy at times but much better than sitting in a crammed taxi or bus. The one front tyre burst but praise God Peter could stop the vehicle and change the tyre without problems!

Once we got to Kariba we went to Shame′s lovely house near the edge of Kariba dam, where the Zebra graze like donkeys in the streets. It was such a joy to meet his precious wife and children. We then went to a lovely rustic lodge where we could stay very close to the venue for ministry. Situated under the biggest Star chestnut and Baobab trees with a little stream running thru the premises, we were visited by a big herd of elephant the first night and some Zebra grazed on the lawn during the day. We were able to make recordings of the teaching sessions of all the places where we ministered and could leave them so everyone that attended could get copies.

The best fish ever to eat – if you don′t believe me go and try it yourself – the Kariba Bream – wow, wonderful. We were also treated to go visit the crocodile farm nearby and see the impressive dam wall with water gushing out of its gates Did you know that lake Kariba is the biggest manmade lake in the world? Schame joined us on our way back from Kariba to Harare in the back of the pickup. We stopped to fill up with Diesel in a town near the Mana Pools, only to find out that there has been no fuel there for a week and our closest town was almost a hundred kilometres away! Peter found us a darling man that stored some fuel at his house and he escorted us there so we could continue in good time.

While in Harare we had learnt that Zimbabwe airlines were grounded, which left us in a predicament because we had booked to fly with them to Vic Falls the following day. We went in good faith and were booked in with quite a number of other passengers, relieved passengers to find that we were escorted to Zambezi airline – lovely flight and view over the falls as you come in to land.We landed in Vic Falls and took a taxi to the bridge where we were met by beaming face of John Chingwali! You are such a joy to know. We also met the cousin of John Kondowe, Michael Kondowe for the 1st time, he joined John to fetch us at the border and take us with a taxi to the venue where our first meeting immediately started.

It is always an awesome experience to see the majestic sight of the Vic Falls – walking over the bridge to Livingstone with the spray of the water on your face and the thunder in your ears – I thought of the effect of the word, so explosive and so soft – hallelujah.In Livingstone we lived at dear Heiko′s place and were treated to hot water and a lovely big room with a mosquito net over our bed! Francois met Heiko and Ken Korpf on a previous visit to Livingstone. I often sat next to Heiko during the teaching sessions and could not help to notice the tears down his face as he just embraced the truth in his heart. We are so grateful for also meeting pastor Michael and Carol Kondowe and their family and happy to know they are also joining us for the November Word School in Hermanus. The pastors we met are all such wonderful people and we could see that the mirror message really touched them deeply! It was such a treat to have Shepherd Mbate, Malebo Oneng and Pastor Tendai from Mahalapye Botswane as well as Vera and Barbara as well as Nephtali from Lusaka – making up a lovely team. All of us that could fit into Heiko′s bakkie went to the falls on our last day after the love feast. Oh it was unforgettable. We were soaked from the spray of the falls and made unforgettable memories!

We were so encouraged to witness Elvia Bury, at 83 with us during this whole trip. She poured out her life and love to all. Felt like Paul, ministering with Luke the physician travelling with them. She is such an inspiration with her boundless energy and love for the people. Never needed anything more than what there was, so content and effective, thank you dear Elvia. I also want to take liberty to thank darling Francois for giving his all again as usual – after the first day in Blantyre he could hardly speak from hours of ministry which continued for 3 solid weeks – Often just a change of shirt and a bottle of water and off he goes again! Layer upon layer of truth that unveils the most beautiful view in the history of mankind – our complete redemption!

In between every spare minute Francois was doing his translation work, it really is his biggest passion in life and one is so encouraged by his dedication to this.I so wish you could all join us and see how wonderful the effect of the word has on every one who has ears to hear! Truth is a global language because its understanding is so pure and real. So when Christ is proclaimed we can all see ourselves in Him, we are all equally valued and loved!Our last day of ministry a preacher came to Francois with tears in his eyes, “I have been in ministry for 18 years and trapped people in fear and condemnation, now I cannot wait to tell my people this good news!″

Thank you all that prayed for us and made it possible, we were not alone, you were there with us!

Big hug


MirrorWord Ministries

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