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Get Involved / Donations

Make a donation

Our ministry is continuously involved all over the world. If you would like to make a donation towards any of our projects.

Steps to deposit money into the ministry (if your bank is not in South Africa)

Register your own PayPal account on the internet if you have not already got a Paypal Account– it’s very simple and FREE at

Once you have an existing PayPal account, go to your account's home page. On the top left hand corner there's a tab that says "Send Money". Click on it and PayPal will next ask you to put in the e-mail address of the person who you're wanting to send money to.

Our e-mail address for Paypal Donations:

Thank you for your support in helping to spread the gospel!

or alternatively use the following bank account details:

Account Name: Africa Inroads
Bank: ABSA
Branch: Hermanus (63200500)
Account No. 40 6456 3335
Also please inform us via email of your donation.

A BIG thanks – we can’t reach the world without you!

Take part in Translating

If you are keen to translate books, articles or bible translations into your language, please contact Dawie for more information.

Become practically involved

Below are a few programs we have designed for you to help share the good news. We will assist you step-by-step in each one of them.

  •  Start a School of Grace biblestudy in your area – we will support you with materials etc – its very easy to get going! Click here for more information…
  •  Help you setup a cd/dvd duplication service in your area
  •  Help you get organised as a printer and/or distributor of the School of Grace books
  •  Organise a School of Grace camp/wordschool in your area – we will send the teachers