focussed on creating opportunities for life-enriching education
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Africa Inroads is a registered public benefit Non-Profit Organization based in Hermanus, Western Cape Province, South Africa.

The vision of Africa Inroads is the upliftment and empowerment of individuals and communities both in South Africa and beyond. Africa Inroads provides opportunities for life-enriching education through skills training, economic development initiatives, leadership training and social change programmes. Priority is given to the most marginalized and vulnerable sectors of society.

The objectives of Africa Inroads include:
- To prepare and distribute materials of high standard for leadership and training programmes
- To provide leadership camps and leadership schools both in South Africa and in other African countries
- To provide a variety of skills training programmes such as life orientation, health, nutrition and first aid, agricultural training, sports development and environmental training and awareness
- To create and develop tourism-related opportunities
- To promote proactive and positive attitudes towards improving the quality of life in community settlements
- To be a voice of excellence and mentorship in guiding and encouraging people to self-help status rather than dependency on the State

Africa inroads is recognized as a credible organization able to deliver quality programmes and training. A significant strength of the organization is its world-wide network of partners and associates.

As stated in the Constitution of Africa Inroads, “the Association is a public, non-profit organization established for the sole purpose of uplifting people”. This it does through creating opportunities whilst turning the tide against poverty.